linex® cellular roof ventilator



The Arcadia Linex® series slope-mounted roof ventilator is an effective and extremely low profile solution for venting a building that has a limited ridgeline. Buildings that require an even spread of roof ventilation, or buildings that already has ridge vents and requires extra ventilation have seen the benefit of this particular ventilator type. The Linex® system is a downslope ventilator which is built up into a cellular configuration and is supplied in kit form for assembly on site. The Linex® configuration ensures a free egress for hot and stale air. This ventilator is a non-dampered system and has been used on Industrial manufacturing facilities.


Linex® Natural Ventilation

Linex® Natural Ventilation

THROAT 300mm, (Available in 1, 2 ,or 3 cell configurations)
LENGTH 2.4m 
PRODUCT Knock down form
FINISHES Aluminium, Zincalume, Colourcoated, Stainless, Galvanised 
TESTING Laboratory Tested to AS2428
PERFORMANCE Certified CD of 0.27 

Linex® Natural Ventilation

Arcadia Linex® roof ventilator is used for slope application and provides an extremely Low Profile solution. This system has been used on Workshops, Production Facilities for even distribution of airflow. These ventilators are light weight and reduce the need for additional structural support. These are suitable to high wind load and are engineered for Cyclonic Region B, Region C, Region D and all terrain categories.

Arcadia Linex® is is tested to AS2428 and is exceptional for venting a building that has a limited ridgeline, or for a building that already has ridge vents and requires extra ventilation.