Amcor Cardboard Manufacturing Plant

Natural Ventilation|Fire and smoke Industrial Huff®

The industrial Amcor Packaging Plant combines the benefit of Arcadia Huff® Wall and Roof Smoke Ventilators. The pneumatically controlled louvres can be controlled for natural ventilation and comfort during operation. This allows plant to be cooled and comfort for personnel in the hotter months. Ventilators have an integrated rain sensor system for automatic closing on rain.

The system is specifically designed to suit the buildings operation and is integrated to the fire detection system. In the event of a Fire, the Fire override control panel is activated upon smoke detection or fire alert. This then allows the ventilators to be controlled by the Fire Commander. The Smoke/Fire vents are setup in zones which means the Fire Commander can open/close fire vents depending on the location of the fire which allows the fire to be controlled and stops fire and smoke spread enabling safer escape of personnel.

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