Amcor Gawler Glass Plant

Natural Ventilation|Acoustics Industrial Hush®|Strand®

The Amcor glass bottle manufacturing plant is located in Adelaide’s Barossa valley. The project was spread over 10 years from 2001 – 2010. Arcadia was involved in all 3 stages of the project for engineering design, manufacture, installation and project management of the High Capacity Heat extraction, Acoustic Louvre systems and natural ventilation of the building.

It was critical to select a tested Ventilator that would effectively perform and manage the extreme heat loads produced from the furnaces which produce around 600,000 glass bottles per day. Arcadia’s high performance and tested ventilators allowed guaranteed results for the design team.

Strand® Roof ventilators with pneumatically controlled automated damper system were selected, and the Ridge Ventilators ranged from 1200mm up to 4500mm throat –the largest operable ventilators seen in Australia.

As a national supplier of Australian made products, Arcadia was able to provide the project with a complete ventilation scheme from concept to completion.

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