Bluescope Distribution

Natural Ventilation|Fire and smoke Industrial Lotus®

Arcadia was involved in design, manufacture and installation of a holistic Heat & Smoke design for the BlueScope Distribution centre. This warehouse incorporated a number of key design requirements to address issues such as fumes, smoke and heat build-up from internal manufacturing, plus internal heat loads from rail and trucks within the warehouse.

The selected solution to address these issues was the the Arcadia Lotus® roof ventilator. This product is fully tested and designed to naturally ventilate, allow inlet light through an incorporated ridgelite sheeting, and deal with smoke in the event of fire. The Lotus® ventilator is tested to Australian Standard AS 2428-1983 and is an extremely economical ventilation solution for warehouse projects.

This project incorporated over 450 metres of Strand® Lotus and 210 m2 of Huff® Operable low level louvres for inlet air.

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