HIF Building

Solar Shading Commercial Zest®

This 5 star green rated building designed by Architect BDG for Health Insurance fund Australia is a great example of effective use of external solar control. Arcadia provided a sophisticated operating sun-control system incorporating Vertical and horizontal sunshades, which are all, motorised and interconnected to the Building Management System. The key aim is to reflect direct sun rays from the window areas to reduce heat loads on the facade, whilst allowing natural reflected light and maintaining views. 

The Zest® 600 Elliptical sunscreens have long spans up to 5.8 metres. Arcadia’s Zest® Solar IQ allows the sunshades to be integrated to track the orbit of the sun throughout the seasons and each day, and respond accordingly to reduce heat loads & glare.

As a result of integrating external solar shading, the building will be sustainable into the future and benefit from reduced running costs with views, natural lights and reduced heat loads in offices near to window facades.

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