Arcadia Mist® Facade Screening is a revolutionary textile screening solution available in a range of vivid colours and customised printing options. Not only does the Arcadia Mist® Facade Screening System provide privacy and shade but it is customised to provide a unique and contemporary facade. Lighting can be incorporated to provide even greater impact.

Mist® fabric has been successfully integrated within Arcadias engineered external sliding screen system to provide privacy and heat reduction for Apartment projects. The fabric option gives an original and striking image whilst allowing views from the operator’s side of the screens.

Materials are sourced from Europe and are 100% recyclable textiles which are UV resistant and offer resistance to wear and tear. This system has been used as an economical Facade refurbishment solution, as well as for Apartment screening.





Colour Range Over 20 Standard Colours


Arcadia offers a high quality European screening fabric which can be used on for a range of privacy, screening and solar shading applications. This woven product has excellent UV capacity and tear resistance. A large range of colours are available to select from and Arcadia has a unique system where multiple colours can be can stitched together to create a striking screen appearance.

This fabric system is integrated with Arcadias Verve sliding screen system to be used on apartment balconys for shading, privacy and wind protection. In addition it has been used on buildings for façade upgrades and refurbishments.