World-class ventilation

Renowned for excellent design and architecture, Melbourne buildings are world-class and they demand world-class natural ventilation systems. The Arcadia (formerly IVR Equipment) team have over 50 years of national experience providing industrial fire, smoke and heat vent systems, and we know what it takes to deliver at the highest level of quality.


Fire and smoke

Whether your goal is safety or fire and smoke management, our commercial ventilation systems can handle any project of any scope.


Fire and Smoke ventilation is a key safety measure in any project. In the event of an emergency, Arcadia Fire & Smoke ventilation systems allow effective smoke exhaust to allow personnel to reach safety with minimal risk.

Heat and smoke management

Manufacturing and industrial projects often require robust systems to deal with significant smoke and heat. Our solutions are Australian-made and rigorously tested to meet the AS2428 standard so you know they will stand up to any situation.


Natural ventilation

We can’t escape our climate. Good ventilation systems need to respond to the climate that surrounds them. Arcadia are experts at providing flexible ventilation solutions for an intemperate climate. We can design, manufacture and install a 100% natural ventilation system for your project or incorporate into a hybrid scheme. 

For a world-class fire, smoke and natural ventilation system, contact us today.