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We understand the West Australian environment. We know that the demands of a university complex in Perth are different to the needs of an industrial centre in the Pilbara. With over 50 years of experience, Arcadia Perth (formerly IVR Equipment) are the leading provider of industrial fire and smoke vents and heat ventilation systems for large-scale commercial projects and buildings in Western Australia. Whatever and wherever the project, we can provide you with a world-class ventilation solution. That’s our guarantee.


Natural ventilation

Lost productivity = lost profits. For every degree above 25°C, worker productivity decreases by 2%. A cool and comfortable place to work is critical to a profitable business. Our natural ventilation systems are a cost effective way to introduce fresh air into the workplace. This is vital to improving worker morale and maintaining workplace health.

Perth natural ventilation projects | Kwinana Desalination Plant


In 2005 Arcadia designed, manufactured and installed over 880m2 of Arcadia’s Hush® Acoustic Wall Louvres for the Kwinana Desalination Plant. Our system maximised natural ventilation and ensured noise does not escape from the building. This project was Australia’s first major reverse osmosis desalination plant and was awarded the World’s Best Desalination Plant commission of 2006 and the Best Desalination Plant of the Year of 2007.

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Fire and smoke vents

Don’t compromise on safety. Proper fire and smoke ventilation is a key part of any project. In the event of an emergency, our ventilation system keeps smoke at a low level to maintain visibility. This allows personnel to reach safety and firefights to identify the source of a fire. Our fire and smoke ventilation systems minimise risk, mitigate damage and increase the safety of a building.

Perth fire and smoke projects | BlueScope Distribution Centre

In 2006, Arcadia supplied a Lotus fire and heat roof ventilation system at BlueScope Distribution Centre in Kewdale, WA. We used over 450m of Strand®, Lotus® and 210m2 of Huff® operable low-level louvres to control smoke and heat build-up from internal manufacturing and deal with internal heat loads from rail and trucks within the warehouse. 

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