Demand the best

We are the best at what we do. That’s not a claim that we make lightly. We, at Arcadia (formerly IVR Equipment), have delivered world-class industrial smoke and heat ventilation systems for over 50 years. Our systems have been used in major commercial  projects and buildings throughout New South Wales and Australia-wide. We know that you won’t accept anything less than the best. So we deliver the best.


The natural solution

Natural ventilation is the perfect solution for any project. Every business knows that it needs a cool and comfortable workplace to keep its workforce productive. Our engineers can provide you with a cost-effective solution to meet any project’s needs including:

Fire and smoke management
Heat exhaust
● Rain protection 
Natural ventilation
● Daylight entry

We can handle any project, no matter what the size or the scale.


The Arcadia standard

We have high standards. Very high standards. Our industrial ventilation systems are tested by world-class laboratories and backed by national and international accreditation. Our expert engineers have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your project meets the BCA code. We know that you won’t sacrifice on quality, and neither will we.

Sydney projects | Woolworths Distribution Centre

Arcadia provided Huff® fire, smoke & natural ventilation louvres to the Woolworths Distribution Centre in Erskine Park, Sydney. This solution covered over 50,000m2 of warehouse space. This state of the art centre required the reliable, tested, and low maintenance operable Fire & Smoke ventilation products which only Arcadia could provide.

Read more about our work on the Woolworths Distribution Centre here.


For the best in fire, smoke and natural ventilation systems, contact us today.